I went to see some tasty live electro music on the weekend, one of the acts, a couple of local guys called Acumen put on an awesome DJ/VJ set. They completely blew me away with their combination of experimental dark electro music and dark visuals. The visuals consisted of a combination of eclectic, abstract 3D animations and clips taken from various pop culture sources including multiple movie clips – all with dark tones. I recognised all of the movie clips but felt like I was watching them all for the first time due to the new context that they were playing in.

Anyway, one of the clips they played was Disney's "Night on Bald Mountain". This is a clip that I had watched countless times in my childhood and had completely forgotten about until I saw it again during Acumen's set. I thought I'd post it because I think to some small degree it has influenced me artistically, and is something that I still find intriguing and can watch multiple times over. It must be the darkest thing to ever come out of Disney. I don't really know why I liked this as a kid (or why I still do). I've always found the darker side of art and music more intriguing and captivating. Perhaps the depiction of danger or evil experienced in the comfort and safety the home allows us to taste fear induced adrenalin without being in any real danger.

According to wikipedia The night on Blad Mountain depicts "The nocturnal Chernabog summoning from their graves empowered restless souls, until driven away by the sound of a church bell" I wish I could play it with the Acumen's music but it is still great in it's orginal form. Enjoy.

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