I thought it was probably time I put one of my own pieces up. This piece, titled Loitering, I completed during a phase of "extended photo montage" I went through (and still visit occasionally). On a quiet Sunday I wondered down to one of my favourite parts of my home town Hobart. This hidden away alley showcases some of Hobart's best and most diverse street art. My intention was to simply recreate the space in an art form. This space has gone under a lot of scrutiny in recent times the "ugly" graffiti has made it unpopular with some of the more conservative/unappreciative locals. I love it and I'm glad I can share it with the world. One futile attempt to prevent peeps from tagging/graffing is this insignificant little sign that simple reads "NO LOITERING ALL OFFENDERS PROSECUTED". If anything I think the sign would have an opposite effect as it reinforces the deviant motives in many a street artist and therefore fits into the scene perfectly.

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