I was reading the ISO50 blog today when I came across a great "over the wing" shot taken from within a passenger plane. The post wasn't really about over the wing photography but the photo left such an impression on me that I ended up contemplating more on it the written content of the post. As a child I was always told that it's bad luck to get the seat on a plane over the wing and for many years (and flights) I boarded planes with this mentality. It was only within the last few years that I started to quietly hope for an over the wing seat, mainly for photographic opportunities. Unfortunately I haven't had many flights where I've been in this situation. This post, however marks the official beginning of a new series of over the wing photography that I will undertake. I think the thing that strikes me the most about OWP is the contrast between the cold hard metal surface, interesting geometric shapes and aeronautical symbols of the wing and the warm soft colourful landscape/sky. The mood/nostalgia of "the journey" is also captured in these shots, which I think adds to the appeal. The image above is a shot I took coming into land over Hobart airport. Over time I hope to be able to share more of these.

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