Star Wars fan art is slowly taking over the internet. It's hard to not come across it on any artist site like behance, MySoti etc. I'm certainly guilty of feeding this unstoppable beast, as a Star Wars fan and a designer nothing beats sitting down and pumping out a star destroyer vector. Not wanting to sound too harsh I think it's pretty safe to say that 90% of Star Wars fan art on the net is absolute rubbish, good on everyone for having a go, better luck next time. I think 9% of the stuff out there is good enough for people to buy and wear with pride. 1% is so good it makes people (like me) go insane! I doubt George Lucas could source better art. In my opinion Joshua Smith has made it into that 1%. His abilities as an artist are well ahead of most others, so his execution here (with a great sense of composition) is what really brought it home. The detail in the vector work is what initially pulled me in. The colour palette is outstanding. The whole thing looks like it's been left out in the sun for a few weeks to take the "edge" off the colours – I love how he's gone with a non-rich black (what's the opposite of rich black?). This work warrants the introduction of an INSPIRATION label!

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