This is a piece that I submitted into an environmental sustainability competition, the 4 top entries will have their piece published on the cover of desktop magazine. I've managed to make it into the top 10 entries but and the final 4 is being decided by public vote. If you like this piece vote for it here.

The following is my rationale that was submitted with the piece:
Environmental sustainability is a global issue that we can't rely on world leaders to address. We as individuals can make a difference by taking the initiative and looking into our own lives.

This image is a vector manipulation of a photo I took of a tree in my backyard. I wanted to highlight the significant role we can play in attaining a sustainable environment. If every person in Australia planted one tree in their backyard we could significantly offset environmentally detrimental facets of our lives.

The task of attaining environmental sustainability is massive, too big for most people to comprehend. But it is a goal that we can all reach one step at a time. When I placed the first triangle in this piece it seemed meaningless and insignificant, the task at hand seemed impossible, but as I slowly progressed and continued to build on that triangle the bigger picture slowly revealed itself into something more powerful. The triangles are representative of people who are individually working towards environmental sustainability, their efforts alone will not have a great impact but together they will make a healthier planet.

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