Tron Movie - Dom & Roland's - Imagination
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Tron is fairly topical at the moment, with the new film on the horizon Tron references are popping up everywhere. I remember watching the film as a kid and being somewhat amazed but not so engaged by it, perhaps after watching Empire Strikes Back 200 times everything else seemed mundane. I watched it again about a year ago and felt a lot more convinced by the Tron universe, I found my self wishing that it wasn't so family friendly though. What else would one expect from a Disney film? In an older post I wrote a bit about how the context of a piece of moving image can change when contrasting music is played instead of its original sound/music. The clip above demonstrates this perfectly. I'm not sure who originally put this together but they've essentially created a Tron montage to a particularly dark and gritty piece of drum and base. It's pretty straight forward stuff, but works really. The track, "Imagination" is by Dom and Roland, an amazing DnB artist that I draw inspiration from when the slower tunes won't do it for me. Enjoy.

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