Lately I've been taking an interest in industrial/urban skylines. As I walk around I've been trying to spot interesting skylines that could appear a little abstract out of context. This interest will be evident in some upcoming work of mine. I really like the contrast between jagged, angular and geometric shapes against the natural tones of the sky. The contrast is sometimes quite surreal. I think Gabriel Millozzi has captured this perfect in his series of shots: Structures. Power line structures I think are especially interesting because of the strong sense of perspective and random shapes that a caused by the crossing of wires and metal. I think the dark cloudy sky brings a great mood to this series. I'm planning on skyline spotting later this afternoon and seeing this series has been great inspiration.


Gabriel Millozzi said...

Hello Luke, Thank you very much for taking time to see my works. I appreciate your comments as well.

Gabriel Millozzi


Hey Gabriel, you are very welcome. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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