I find that when I'm working on a particular style of project be it type design, poster design, logo design etc my senses are heightened to other works in that area. I guess this happens to most designers and just comes naturally because you are constantly thinking of the project and comparing/contrasting it to what else is out there. At the moment I'm in the process of design a typeface and am trying to find ways to keep it fresh and original. Every character must be approached as an individual project whilst keeping it in line with its counterparts. My point here is that it takes a lot of focus and dedication to come up with fresh type – some thing that Giles Peyton-Nicoll has achieved. I've never been a big fan of 3D type, I'm not sure why, but perhaps those days are in the past. In addition I'm growing very fond of geometric/minimal fonts, and although this is just a logo type there is definitely the capacity here for Giles to develop this into an entire working font (if he hasn't already). Check out Gile's website here.

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