j3l06 has posted some superb 3D renders of graffiti styled art on his behance profile. I posted some similar work by a different artist a few weeks back. I think this style is an amazing addition to the graffiti art world, which has been mostly restricted to paint on concrete. What really impressed me about his folio is that he also has some great drawings. I love it when artists/designers don't restrict themselves to one medium. It's great to see how their particular style gets translated from one platform to the next. This is a particularly good example because j3l06's work looks amazing as both 3D models and pencil drawings. How could I not post this awesome sketch of a skull anyway. As mentioned in previous separate posts: skulls and scale grab my attention. I haven't seen a nice crop of a skull like this before. It makes me want to draw skulls like I'm at art school again. It's been a while since I've delved into my pencil case, but the longer I leave it, the greater the desire to draw again!

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