In my last post I wrote about unique magazine cover design, I thought I'd keep the topic open with this cover that I also found on behance this morning. Lazenby Brown (Mat Lazenby + Gary Brown), have put together a more conventional cover design than the one featured in my last post but it still pleasantly pulls away from the ugly face that is "modern magazine cover design". I feel like the magazine design/advertising world has turned its back on modernism/minimalism. Instead of an inviting cover that connects with its audience we are typically confronted with covers that yell several headlines in our face that are all competing with each other and the magazine banner. I really like how Lazenby Brown have created something that relies on the design itself. The result is a cover that is neat, well designed and most importantly, bold. The world would be a much more beautiful place if more people adopted and accepted this sort of design form.

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Very kind words, thanks. Gary Brown

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