I've had these shirts sitting in my side bar for a little while now and had been meaning to write a bit about them. I've been a little busy over the last couple of days and haven't had the chance to go hunting for art so now is the perfect opportunity. I posted these on my behance profile a month or so back and got a wide range of feedback. Some people loved them others weren't into photo tees others weren't into square designs on shirts. I own a few square shaped photo tees and love them, so it didn't seem like an issue for me. I like these shirts so I decided to stick to my guns and keep them as they are. I've never been a huge fan of humourous/cute tees, like my design work tees I like tend to have a more serious and sometimes dark tone. My rationale on behance is as follows:

"In this project I've explored layering in graffiti. I've noticed, typically, graffiti has a short life span before it's painted over with a new piece. I've tried to focus on the subtle hints that previous artwork has left behind. With a thorough analysis one could even construct a time line based on where the various positions are layered. Between the layers lie many "sub-layers" of simple tags, scribbles, paint drips and random mess/grime. All of these elements create an extremely unique and temporary texture, before someone paints over and changes them once again. These are a capture of graffiti in both space and time.

Why put the images on t-shirts? The idea came to me late the other night, I did a quick mock up and thought "Hell yeah!" Enjoy."

What do you think of these shirts? What do you think of photo tees in general?

The shirts are $22 each and can be bought here.


Sam Newhouse said...

I think they look great man
I like the idea of the layers and yeah, they look great on the tshirts


Cheers! I'm liking them more and more all the time. Never thought I'd like my own shirts.

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