I've never heard of Kamikaze Magazine, but I've spent some time researching it today. I think it's a magazine about street/urban culture – if I was to judge it entirely by its cover I'd say it looks pretty good. Sam Newhouse has done an amazing job at designing a magazine cover that completely stands out from an ocean of magazine covers out there. I used to read Made Magazine which also utilised unorthodox cover design. I think in a world where art and design for the masses seem to be determined by trend it is important to create a point of difference in niche areas (I assume Kamikaze Magazine is a boutique/niche magazine). As a piece of art Sam has done well to create something edgy and fitting to the theme of the urban culture world. His minimal use of colour and subtle use layering and texture draw the viewer in to reveal more depth. The piece has an overall uncomfortable mood but makes me want to buy the magazine anyway.


Sam Newhouse said...

Well, Thank you very much... The magazine is indeed about culture and issues in the Bedfordshire area (North East of London)

At the moment we are not very well established but myself and co-designer Igor Smith are hoping to make this issue better than the previous two and more suited to our audiences taste buds.

Thanks for your support
Sam Newhouse


No problem, sounds like a great project. Let me know if it's available to purchase online.

igor_2009 said...

Its free man, i am the main editor and Sam is the main designer, when we have fineshed putting the magazine together we will send you a copy!


Great! I'd love that.

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