David Merrique has put together this awesome illustration that looks like it could be the final shot in a creepy sci-fi film. When I first looked at this piece I was aware of the overwhelming sensational of complete hopelessness. It reminded me of scenes in sci-fi films where astronauts are flung into space with no control due to some disastrous mishap, which puts them on an unstoppable trajectory away from their ship knowing that they will die alone when they eventually run out of air. Horrible stuff, or beautiful horror? It seems the chap in this piece met his fate much faster, but dying alone in the cold, dark setting of space is uncomforting enough. I really like David's style here, the use of intricate hand drawn line work gives this piece a nice organic feel, that's quite pleasant to the eye. The blood floating in zero gravity is a nice touch, the red contrasting nicely with the cold blue surroundings. Check out David's folio and website for some more great illustrations.

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