Henrik Wold has designed an awesome LP cover for Norwegian metal band Altaar. Typically, in my limited experience of metal, cover art for metal albums is fairly cliché, white overly gothic looking (and I don't mean sans-serif gothic) text on a black background with an array of biblical references and a goats head somewhere. Henrik has managed to recreate a similar sense of dark and aggressive underworld forces through his clever use of photography, with no inverted crosses or pentagrams. As a piece of art the viewer is presented with a scene of a forest and a window into a darker co-existing world. I've assumed that the smaller photo is of the same scene but at night, which if I'm right, is a nice touch. Henrik credits Arild Danielsen for the photography, check out his website, there are some very tasty treats to be found. Also check out Altaar on myspace. I used to be into metal in some of my earlier days, these days I crack open Master of Puppets occasionally, but that's about it. Altaar have some great ambient metal (if such a thing can even exist), which I genuinely enjoyed listening to.

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