I came across these posters by James O'Briant on behance this morning. They are part of a series that I recommend you check out. Each poster exhibits its own unique direction but collectively they feel like they're part of the same family – due to James' great style. What I like about these posters is that they look great and James hasn't relied on lots of cliché photoshop effects to make them look good. Instead they feel refined and well thought out. I've always been a believer in the value of minimalism. I think that minimal, well designed content produces a louder/stronger voice from the design. James' work is a perfect example of this. Zero clutter combined with strong imagery and type work has resulted in a beautiful series of posters. I also thought I'd mention that I particularly like how James has played with combining 2D and 3D spaces in the first piece (as well as all of that beautiful white space). Check out James' website here.


Anonymous said...

Nice! His work is sick!


Damn straight!

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