I thought I'd post these shots by Jérôme Lautré because I think they are amazing depictions of the urban world at night, and I found them reminiscent of images of what the future (now) would be like in 80s film. I was always amazed as a kid at what the future would hold and I've always been a little disappointed that today we don't have hover boards, robots and flying cars. The future was always romanticised with glowing lights, strange clothes and incredible flying technology. The reality is that we have conquered social/communication technologies instead, which seems a little less exciting but without it not even this blog would exist. I think the vision that these 80s artists gave us was merely what the 80s would have look like in the distant future, or perhaps an 80s revival in the distant future. Anyway to me these images are
closer to 80s futuristic references than anything else I've seen, and for that I think they are pretty cool. Check out Jérôme's website for more photographic gems.

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