Konstantin Novosadov's series works 01 and works 02 grabbed my attention as part of my current vector binge, this work isn't strictly vector but it's close enough, or at least looks good enough for me to post during this phase of mine. I really like the style here. The angles and bold colours really give Konstantin's work a bold and masculine feel. The first piece has what appears to be zombies (please be zombies) in the second frame which I think is enough to justify a zombie label (I'm a massive zombie nerd and can't believe I haven't posted anything else zombie related yet). I love the Russian zombie theme running through this piece. I don't think I've ever seen a zombie flick set in Russia yet, although I've heard rumours that Danny Boyle wants to set 28 months later over there. The second piece fits nicely into the dark fairy tale genre. In my opinion fairy tales should be dark, or there should at least be plenty of dark fairy tales to balance out all the kid friendly ones. Nice work all around Konstantin.


Konstantin Novosadov said...

Hi! In your blog set of cool things - and I am very glad to appear in their company. Thanks!
Also I am sorry for my bad English (it is not my native language).

Kelly said...

LOVE the second image! So how I envisaged 'Lost in the Woods.'


Yeah I thought the exact same thing!

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