I've got vector art on the brain at the moment. I've been getting a few ideas for some upcoming projects, either as prints or t-shirt designs, but have a whole lotta other work to clear through first. Being in this state of mind I'm more attuned to other artist's vector work, and in particular different and kick-ass vector art (as mentioned in previous vector posts). Maja Petric's series Vector Portraits caught my attention on behance this morning I think due to the unique style. Maja's work definitely has a more comic feel to a lot of other work out there, due to the simplicity of the pieces and the slightly stylised execution – differing stroke thicknesses and fantastic use of colour and light (just to name a few). It's a great style that she's tapped into here and I really hope to see more. Check out Maja's DeviantArt page for some more of her work.

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