Matt Millette has come up with one of those classic "I wish I'd thought of it first" projects. As a kid I was always amazed and in awe of fighter planes/pilots, and in particular those from World War 2. I think once fighter planes were able to carry long range air-to-air missiles the idea of "dog fighting" ceased to exist, as did the classic/romanticised image of "the fighter pilot" (no dissing intended for today's fighter pilots *salutes*). I think my unquenchable thirst for commando comics as a kid helped to fuel my admiration for World War 2 heroes. Anyway, Matt has put together a great, nostalgic series that focuses on identification markings on World War 2 fighter planes. His execution of this series is excellent, he's carefully reproduced the texture and ware you would expect to find on a veteran plane. I find it really interesting that something quite unique and beautiful (although overtly masculine) can be taken from a machine designed purely for death and destruction. Check out the whole series here.

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