I spotted this awesome stationery by Moshik Nadav today after I went looking for some inspiration for a stationery project I'm working on myself. I'm always impressed by artists/designers that manage to push the boundaries on common objects/themes/subject matter into something completely fresh and unique – there are so many existing stationery designs out there – possibly hundreds of thousands, or even millions? The majority of which are clones of each other and completely lifeless (IMO). I also think it's awesome when something as mundane as stationery can be transformed into something kick-ass. The structure and colour are what really impressed me with this piece, there's a strong modernist vibe and no effects, gradients or trendy "design elements". According to his folio this set is for "the research center of the Hebrew Typography" which sounds pretty awesome itself. Moshik has an impressive behance folio with great diversity in his work. Check it.

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