I've posted QNQ/AUJIK's project Family Crysis because I really just wanted to write about them as a whole. I couldn't find much else to post, other than these images. From what I could gather they are a group that explores divine parallels between the environment and technology through art, and in particular 3D modeling and animation. I first found them via this video on behance. Unfortunately I couldn't post it here. What initially caught my attention here is the presence of future technology in a wilderness setting. I've always found this depiction quite surreal. Typically such technology is set in an equally futuristic urban setting. To me the wilderness is symbolic of a more primal or prehistoric landscape, where technology doesn't belong. QNQ/AUJIK however, has created a unique synergy between technology and nature, where both feel comfortable in each others presence. I think this is the basis of the philosophy for the group. I've found the whole topic intriguing and I recommend you check out their website here.

EDIT: I've since been pointed to the QNQ/AUJIK vimeo page. Which includes the video below. A lot of the videos don't appear to contain a narrative but instead are abstract pieces that weld a close relationship between nature and technology. I'm liking this stuff more and more each second. It's so damn fresh! Check out the vimeo page now.

KIIA from QNQ/AUJIK on Vimeo.

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