I don't really know what you'd call these pieces by Andriano 5nak, they look like some sort of grotesque form of graffiti art. The skin tone colours used imply some sort of organic significance and actually remind me a little of the creepy pale man from Pans Labyrinth. I think Andriano has done an amazing job at creating something unique in an art world that is becoming suffocated with alternate takes on graffiti art (which sometimes isn't necessarily a bad thing). Check out more delicious examples on Andriano's behance folio and website.


I posted on an awesome series of bridge shots by Jochen Pach a few days ago and today found these amazing shots also taken by him. I was initially fooled into thinking they weren't even photos. He has managed to capture the beauty of the urban world in a unique way. See the the whole series here and his website here. I look forward to seeing more work from Jochen!


I really like this piece by Cristian Blanxer, which is part of a series that features female subjects in various poses, some being erotic, while others like this one are more subtle. Most of the pieces in this series verge slightly into abstract and surreal art with Cristian's great use of abstract colour and texture, which gives them an almost dreamy feel. I really like the detail in this piece and how the reference to adidas creates a connection from the real world to an abstract world – is this a memory? A dream? Or just imagination? Check out the whole series here and Cristian's blog here.


Jovan Milovic has posted a series of truly epic tech/sc-fi illustrations. The detail and sense of energy is outstanding. I really like how the forms are quite abstract yet hint at familiar urban forms such as buildings, cities or trains. I can't help but think of my recent trip to Tokyo when looking at Jovan's work here. On his behance page Jovan states that he draws some of his inspiration from futuristic films such as Blade Runner and Aliens. I can see plenty from both films here plus many others in the same genre. He used Illustrator to construct the pieces, creating the specific objects within each individually before assembling them into their final composition (sounds uber fun) with each piece taking between 6–10 hours. Check out the whole series here and his tumblr page here.


I thought I'd post this epic shot by Jacob Bours because it's very relevant to where I'm living right now. In fact I'm wearing more layers than the average human being would be wearing on the earth right now, I have the heater on, hood on, cat nearby, and snow topped mountain in view from my window. If you can't quite get the vibe I'm trying to express take a long hard look at the image above, it's pretty much how I feel right now. Jacob has done a great job at capturing this winter wonderland (Switzerland). The detail and depth are incredible. I think this would look great large scale (I think I say that about a lot of things though). Check out the whole series here, they're all great shots – it took me ages to decide which one to post. Check out Jacob's website too, there's loads of great shots there too.


My love of bridges continues with this incredible set by Jonchen Pach of Germany, titled Autobahn. The autobahn was constructed in Germany to unify the country, create employment and help to improve economy. It has been been used in a propaganda as a symbol of strength and solidarity, and today is the second largest freeway system in the world. Jochen's capture of the heavy geometric shapes and strong contrasting light and shadow in this series almost feels like a piece of propaganda itself! I think he's perfectly captured this bridge and in doing so has maintained the notion of the autobahn as a symbol of strength and development. Check out Jochen's website here.


Ozan Turkkan has put together an amazing series of generative algorithmic/fractal computer art (sorry if I got that wrong). I don't know much about this fringe computer art, but I think the results are amazing. Check out the whole series on Ozan's behance page and website (it's an awesome website).


I found these beautiful shots which are part of a series on Faby Martin's behance page this morning. These two were my favourites from the series. The colour, depth and light are just outstanding. As usual I was attracted to the silhouettes contrasting against a vivid background, and I love the way the light reflects off the dust revealing the sign silhouette in the the second shot. Stunning work! Check out Faby's website here.


A couple of awesome pieces here by Jesse Braun. There are some awesome abstract 3D renders emerging in the digital art world. I always think of Autechre when I see this style of art, probably because a couple of Autechre's album covers have similar styled artwork. I always interpret this style of art as a sort of fusion between nightmares and future worlds. In this piece there's a great synergy between order and chaos, through a sense of 3D objects and strong perspective and and chaotic lines and jagged edges. There are strong feelings of aggressive energy and technology. The colour in these pieces is fantastic, and the distorted/displaced effects bring a great chaotic feel to the piece. Looking forward to seeing more.


Daryl Feril made great use of colour and layering in this energetic piece. The vector work itself is great here, borderlining on a little abstract and with a great sensation of action and energy. The colours beneath the vector work give the impression of an underlying meaning (perhaps looking into her soul?) and gives the piece great depth. Daryl has done an amazing job with such a limited colour palette. Nice one Daryl! Check out Daryl's behance and deviantart pages.