A couple of epic shots here by Sebastien Mamy. The first image is of "Canyonland National Park, Utah, United States. Canyonland view from Mesa Arch viewpoint, at daybreak" and the second image "Chacaltaya, La Paz district, Bolivia" although both could easily be alien landscapes). Check out Sebastien's site here.


I've been mega busy lately – hence the absence of posts. I thought I'd make some time this morning before too much more time slips away. I spotted this piece by Roberto Gamito on behance. I think it sits nicely between texture and illustration, with its mix of abstract shapes and recognisable imagery. I think this piece would look great printed on a massive canvas. Nice work Roberto! Check out more of Roberto's work here.


I came across these shots by Martin Johansson on Behance yesterday and was instantly drawn in by them. I instantly got a creepy fairytale vibe from some of the shots, while others ignited feelings of nostalgia. As a series these shots (not all shown here) felt like fragments taken from a dream or distant memory. Their visual appearance, Martin's photographic style – which seems to make use of warm hues and not overly saturated colour – helped to develop this emotional accent. I find his choice of subject matter both diverse, intriguing and in some shots a little sombre. I recommend checking out the whole series, and take a look at his website.


Nook's SOS Sakura was part of an exhibtion titled "Send Help", where artists were asked to interpret the phrase "send help". I thought I'd post this piece because I instantly fell in love with it and it brought about similar emotions to a slightly similar piece I posted a couple of weeks back (although as it turns out this piece appears to be the OG). As I mentioned in the last post I don't think there is a more terrifying or lonely setting for a person's demise than the cold black void of space. But in SOS Sakura there is possibly hope for the unfortunate spaceman as he throws a small communication device in the hope that it will bring him help, or perhaps it only contains the final thoughts of man destined to float through space for eternity. Check Nook's behance profile for photos from the exhibition. I'd be quite happy to hang this piece in my studio. Check out his website for stacks of other tasty treats.


Lois Van Baarle demonstrates her beautiful illustration style in this series I came across on behance this morning. A quick trip to her website provides many more pieces of inspiration. In her bio she states that she's been drawing "since the day I could hold a pencil" but only within the last few years has she made the switch to digital art. I really like the sense of depth and the richness in colour in this series and how her characters sit nicely between comical and real-life. Check out the whole series here and Lois's website here.


Jon Maximilian Våga Sandbu has some outstanding photography in his portfolio. A lot of his work features portraits with a strong and sometimes subtle use of colour. I find his choice of subject matter here, an overly feminine model with plenty of body modifications quite intriguing. The mood throughout this series feels both warm and cold. The colour, pink, gives the series a warm, innocent feel, but then the model's pale skin and piercings give it a colder feel. Her unnaturally vivid green eyes develop the mood further, giving it a hint of surrealism. As body modification becomes more common and more acceptable in "general western society" would it be fair to say that the coldness I feel when viewing this image would not be present if I viewed it in 50 years time? Check out the whole series here, and Jon's website here.


QderoPateo Ouidoo. Video presentation. from Vladimir Shelest on Vimeo.

I found this beautiful piece of motion on behance this morning. The visuals are stunning and the music is perfectly complimentary. The artist is Vladimir Shelest, check out his awesome website. Enjoy.