Nook's SOS Sakura was part of an exhibtion titled "Send Help", where artists were asked to interpret the phrase "send help". I thought I'd post this piece because I instantly fell in love with it and it brought about similar emotions to a slightly similar piece I posted a couple of weeks back (although as it turns out this piece appears to be the OG). As I mentioned in the last post I don't think there is a more terrifying or lonely setting for a person's demise than the cold black void of space. But in SOS Sakura there is possibly hope for the unfortunate spaceman as he throws a small communication device in the hope that it will bring him help, or perhaps it only contains the final thoughts of man destined to float through space for eternity. Check Nook's behance profile for photos from the exhibition. I'd be quite happy to hang this piece in my studio. Check out his website for stacks of other tasty treats.

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