After another crazy-busy week I've unfortunately only been able to post today. I'm looking forward to posting more frequently in the near future. Thanks to everyone who's been dropping by anyway.

I'm really starting to realise that I've got to get over to Iceland at some point in the near future. I think over the past month or so I've already posted some amazing pics taken of Icelandic landscapes but I had to add this pic by Bec Brown to the mix. This pic is part of a series titled Silent Landscapes. I think the title is very appropriate, and I can see the concept behind the title being applied to other Iceland photography I've seen. Typically what I've seen (including this piece) feels quite isolating and sublime, but always quite beautiful. I love how Bec has taken advantage of the heavy mist, contrasting it with the vibrant green field and the abrupt streak of reflected sunlight. A wonderfully atmospheric shot! Check out the whole series here and some of Bec's other projects here.

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