I came across these pieces by Isaac Bidwell on behance. He's got a lot of work on his behance profile but these pieces I liked the most. They are part of a series which I recommend checking out. I think what I really like like about Isaac's style is that he is able to produce by hand what many artists fail to achieve using computers. His artwork is distinctly comic book styled but from what I could gather it's all done by hand (at least the work of his that I've seen anyway). I see a lot of artists try to replicate this style of art (sometimes, admittedly myself included) with the aide of computers and they fail – there are those that create beautiful digital artwork in this style too, but to see an artist reach these heights with his/her hands is awesome. The unique and organic appearance of hand-drawn art is nearly impossible to replicate digitally and Isaac's style and choice of subject matter project his work further into awesomeness. Nice one Isaac! Check out his website here.

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