A couple of beautiful pics here by Kathleen Hirai. These are digital photos of cardboard cutouts, but look like something from a fairy tale, dream or memory. The colour range and soft tones giving the piece its dreamy feel. I'd love to see some more images in the same style and I think a moving piece would work well too – although technically it could be tricky. Nice work Kathleen! Check out her behance profile here.


I stumbled across Jascha Hoste's stock exchange profile the other day and was completely blown away! His work features some of the most amazing urban ruins/old forgotten buildings/unusual eastern euro factories you will find on the net. And it's all (if not mostly) in delicious – not over the top – HDR. I was fortunate enough to explore an abandoned mental asylum about a year ago. It's an incredible feeling walk through a forgotten building. At the time I couldn't help but think that at some point in the past it was much different, I even found myself trying to imagine what it was like. It was an amazing experience – which leaves me feeling a little jealous of Jascha, who has obviously had many more urban adventures than I. Check out his site here.


Alexander Mikhaylov has put together a series of impressive concept drawings on behance. This one in particular caught my attention as a possible salute to Star Wars and due to it's overall dark robotic goodness. The whole series is worth checking out, especially the pieces that have subtle animation. Check the series here and Alexander's website here (loads of great content).


I found this epic shot by Dustin Sohn on behance this morning and instantly thought I've got to share it with the world (or some of the world at least). The atmosphere and mood in this shot is fantastic, I can almost see Batman, or some winged beast lurking in the shadows toward the top. The fog gives it a really eerie feel, the colours almost give a hint of some kind of demonic manifestation and the lighting just brings it all together. This shot is part of a series worth checking out. His website is also worth a look.


I found this cool illustration by Jose Manuel Rios on Behance today. I can't quite tell if it's been painted or created digitally and imposed onto a background. Either way it's a very easy to look at piece with nice use of colour and an intriguing expression. I think something should be said about the hair too, I find myself struggling with hair, whether I'm drawing it, extracting it, vectoring it or just trying to brush it hair is hard to deal with, and Jose has down a nice job here. Check out more of Jose's work here and an interesting blog here.