When I first this set on Greg Hayne's behance profile I was very impressed, the ever-present 12 year old in me went berserk. My first impression was that this was a digital 3D model, however after closer inspection I believe this is infact an actual model constructed and photographed by Greg! Again with the berserk! By referring to my inner 12 year old I do not want to imply that this is in anyway childish. Instead for me I get a sense of nostalgia from amazing cartoons I had seen as a kid (Astro, G-force, Voltron etc) intertwined with my current obsession/amazement at science fiction and modern technology. I think I will always get a little excited when technology and art collide. It is an area my imagination likes to wonder in and something that's always awesome when executed correctly (like this piece). The tag on the shoulder is a great touch too. Greg has a wonderfully diverse folio that I recommend checking, otherwise the whole series of pics for this piece can be found here and website here.


An awesome abstract piece by Edric Ureel. Part of a series of equally awesome abstract pieces that use 2 dimensional objects to create sense of depth. His sense of composition use of blending is excellent and gives the piece a nice feel. He has essentially taken simple polygonal objects and layered/blended them to create complex shapes and patterns. Edric's use of colour in highlights and shadows also emphasises the depth and gives the pieces life. Check out the whole series here and flickr page here.


Visit Adam Chrobak's behance folio and you will find an amazing selection of illustrations that depict a slightly darker and more aggressive world than what we're used to. His work is strikingly original and overtly raw. I think rawness is the essence of his work, in both form and content. These 2 are for me, stand out pieces but most of his work is ahead of the majority of the pretty, overly polished and filtered work floating around the internet today. Check out his folio here and there's loads of great work on his site here.