Nikolai Nowolodski has made a creepy-looking skull from lots of words. I think that's really cool. The execution is nice and creepy and he's made good use of some texture.

BAM: I've just realised that there is actually a narrative running through the words/entire piece. This adds even more depth to the piece. Top job Nikolai!

Nikolai's behance profile is here, check it out.


M•A•C Wonder Woman from John Earle on Vimeo.

I had a good long browse on behance this morning. It was one of those rare occasions where I flicked over a hundred pages and nothing really caught my eye, except for this absolute gem. A glimmering oasis in an otherwise slow day on behance (no offense to all those artists that have posted work, I am overtly fussy and particular). Anyway John Earle has created an amazing advertisement that thought would be worth posting. I never thought I'd post an advertisement on here. Despite sort of working in the advertising industry it's something that I despise, possibly because 99.99% of all advertising is completely fucked up, ugly, annoying, distasteful and poorly executed. Here I present the 0.01%. The cream.

I have always liked the combination of 2D and 3D artwork, particularly in motion/video work. I have at times even experimented with it myself. I think it works perfectly here. I have watched it a couple of times through now and feel inspired! (although I'm not about to go out and buy some lipstick). This is one of those ideas that in hindsight seems so obvious, yet I had never thought of it myself, which I think is what sometimes defines a truly great idea.

John had this to say about the piece:

I'm really lucky to get to work with the nice people at MAC on occasion. They really allow a lot of creative flexibility, especially on this piece. My first proposal to them was to create a fully animated recreation of the artwork they had illustrated by Mike Allred. Something like an 80s saturday morning cartoon. Budgetary and legal constraints quickly ended that idea. Often is the case though, that constraints fuel new ideas. Knowing that I couldn't modify the artwork too much was where the final piece came from. I needed to add some extra style to the retro influenced illustrations and taking them into 2.5D just wasn't enough to carry the piece. The 3D comic elements became that extra bit of interest to propel the animation. I feel it also brings it into a more contemporary realm, something viewers of all ages can relate to. I'm currently finishing up some companion pieces which are all 3D that will act as video wall paper for their Times Square and Bleeker Street stores in NYC.

John's behance page is here and his vimeo site is here and his website is here.

LMD house keeping

Well after a few intense weeks of work I thought it was about time to jump back onto the blog. I'm anticipating a couple of upcoming slow blog weeks as I move from Australia to Germany and settle in. Hopefully I'll have lots more time once settled there and can even post some more of my own art work – which was half of the point of this blog and something I really haven't done enough of!