I usually try to avoid posting overly-popular work from behance on here. I usually try to post work I find that I think other people may have over looked. This piece by Man Tsun is an exception though. I love it. Colour, form, composition – all great. And it tells a story. I Love it. See more of Man-Tsun's outstanding work here and website here.


Thomas Kuriatko has posted a series of epic illustrations on his behance profile which I would file in the "I wish I had those sorts of skills" category. The piece above was my personal favourite. Although each illustration within the piece is awesome in its own right I'm glad that he's used them as a montage/narrative piece – as with most montages it gives the illustrations much more context and depth. I particularly like Thomas's style and colour palette, which to me seems like a nod to the grind house genre. Very tasty.

Check the whole series here.


I've just come back from a weekend in Berlin. I pretty much needed monday to recover and get me back on track. Berlin is a crazy town that seems to speed up (not slow down) as late night becomes early morning. The day I took this shot was a sight seeing day, I was in a semi-state of delirium after not much sleep from the night before. We saw some historical delights before making our way to the Bauhaus museum. When we arrived, we were presented with what can only be described as an oasis of deck chairs strategically position in the sun (is it normal to have outdoor deck chairs in the sun at museums in Germany?). After seating myself in the warm sun and sipping a beer I took this photo then fell into a wonderful sleep (or nap). Afterwards the Bauhaus museum, although short was definitely worth a look.


I find the urban landscape quite fascinating and great to photograph. It's sometimes difficult to reproduce via photography and I find I can be quite fussy to find the ideal shot. Something I'm missing while I'm living in Germany is my tripod, which would allow me to take shots at night (I haven't given up on the idea though...). I think the city has much more depth at night. As the sun goes down it metamorphoses into a different world. Colour disappears into shadow, objects become silhouettes, and lights bring new colour, light and life into lively areas. Brendan Fitzpatrick has photographed some amazing urban landscapes at night and executed them perfectly. Despite capturing mostly large concrete slabs and there being a minimal, if not absent human presence the essence and life of the city is clearly felt.

See the whole series here and Brendan's website here.


Here's a few more shots from my Hamburg exploration. one of things I'm enjoying most over here is just exploring. The urban landscape has so much depth. It's full of life in the darkest places. The city feels a lot more accepting of street art.

Now that I'm finally settling into a routine I'm going to start regular explorations starting in my neighbourhood, and radiating out. Spring is well and truly here, the days are getting longer the temperature more tolerable. The urban adventurer in me is hungry. As the trees begin to fill with leaves I've also been thinking a little more about diverting my photographic attention from city to nature. Perhaps in this city part of me is missing the greenery of Tasmania.

I hope you like these shots. When I have a decent enough collection I'll post a "best of" on my behance profile, and in the meantime I'll keep posting more finds here.

Luke out.