Here's a few more shots from my Hamburg exploration. one of things I'm enjoying most over here is just exploring. The urban landscape has so much depth. It's full of life in the darkest places. The city feels a lot more accepting of street art.

Now that I'm finally settling into a routine I'm going to start regular explorations starting in my neighbourhood, and radiating out. Spring is well and truly here, the days are getting longer the temperature more tolerable. The urban adventurer in me is hungry. As the trees begin to fill with leaves I've also been thinking a little more about diverting my photographic attention from city to nature. Perhaps in this city part of me is missing the greenery of Tasmania.

I hope you like these shots. When I have a decent enough collection I'll post a "best of" on my behance profile, and in the meantime I'll keep posting more finds here.

Luke out.

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