This piece by Yonaz Kristy struck me as something from a dream or a fairy tale. It's a little sombre but also feels quite warm and comforting. I really like his use of watercolour as a texture and the heavy line work. See some more examples of his work here and her blog here.


I found this piece by Pomesone on Behance. I really like it because it reminds me a lot of work by Nawer, which I love, actually utilises a 3rd dimension as well as artificial 3D graphics on a 2D surface. On his profile Pomesone explains "I often try to open the frame of the object to go into space".

I hope to be getting back into my garage soon to play around with my paints on similar styled artwork (I'll probably just stick to a 2D canvas for now though).

Check out more of Pomesone's work on behance.

I'm back.

After living in Hamburg, Germany for 5 months, travelling around Western Europe and the UK I am now finally back in Australia. I was hoping to keep my blog up to date while I was away but it just didn't work out. I hope to play a bit of catch up now and sincerely apologise for the long delay!