Danton Diphthong: Episode 1 from alex varanese on Vimeo.

Another great gift to the world from Alex Varanese. When I saw he'd put together a 20 minute animation I was very interested. So far I've seen amazing work from him in illustration, typography, short 2D animations, (heard) music and 3D modelling. How effectively could he tie all of these elements together plus do his own voice acting and writing to make a solid 20 minute animation? The answer of course is outstandingly. There's nothing much else to say except, just watch it (and perhaps if you're not familiar with his work, get familiar with his work).


This piece by Atelier Olschinsky is a part of a series titled Plants that was recently featured on behance – and deservingly so. The series features several complex illustrations using isometric perspective. Each of them have a strong industrial appearance with some elements being used repetitively as a motif. Their industrial, and sometimes mechanical appearance gives the series a very masculine tone, while complexity and chaos of each piece (ie nothing seems to quite make sense, which is an interesting contrast to the actual streamlined conditions of a modern industrial plant) is quite surreal. Check the whole series here and Arelier's website here.


While I was recently in Paris I spotted a painting by French artist Francoise Nielly. I was walking across the road from a gallery that was closed with the inside lights off, yet the expressive bold colour and texture was enough to catch my attention and fascinate me. There is something very fresh and energetic about her work. The unique colour palettes have been carefully chosen and when executed with her painting style are at their loudest.

I strongly recommend checking out Francoise's website, there is an enormous amount of inspiring work. It was a privilege to see just one of her pieces in person (despite being outside the gallery looking through a window) I hope to one day see an exhibition.

Website here, behance here.


I love this shot by Alexander Kadow. The textures in the concrete wall and the unusual, abstract markings/art give this photo a surreal feel. I feel like there is more to this photo than what you see. I think black and white was a great choice in execution. Check out more of Alexander's work now.


My admiration of bridge photography continues. This time a piece by Laura Keung caught my attention. The dark shadows, warm hues and red lights drew me in. This piece is part of an icy set on Laura's behance page, check it.