I cam across this series by Kevin Cyr a couple of years ago but then came across it again after looking through an old magazine (not that old) recently. I'd forgotten how much I love these paintings. There is something very honest about them. The detail provides a story, a history. It gives them a unique personality. The vehicles themselves are reminiscent of a past time and exude a sense of nostalgia. Looking at these paintings makes me realise how soulless vehicle design has become today. In his artist statement Kevin mentions that these paintings are a way to "document a time and place, and to make still a part of the ever-changing environment." and that he has always "been interested in painting vehicles and scenes that have defined the evolution of the American landscape." See more of Kevin's work here.


When I first saw this photo I was convinced it was a piece of digital art. As a piece of digital art I would have loved it, the hues, foreground/background contrast, subtle details in the power lines and silhouettes of trees poking through the fog, as a photo I love it more. Great atmosphere. See more of Lars's work here and website here.


8-bit zombtee 

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Digital hero


Retro Assault

These are just a couple of recent tee designs of mine. As a bit of a gamer I love incorporating gaming elements into design, and especially the nostalgia of old school gaming. Thems were the days!

This post has gotten a bit too long and out of control so I've made a new post here.
, check it out for new designs and details about the 8-bit tee brand, 8-bitty!


I thought it was about time that I posted some of my own work. This is something I'm going to try and do more often, but I've been thinking that since the beginning. This time for reals! These HDR shots were taken on a recent trip to Europe. The top shot is a sneaky little alleyway in Glasgow – after some great Indian curry, the middle shot I took in Lyon, France after to some cycle-exploring (and paying ridiculous amounts of money for the bikes due to language barriers) and the third shot is Hamburg Harbour in Germany. This was during a huge harbour festival, there was a great atmosphere. Hamburg is a wonderful city. I'm really enjoying taking HDR shots on sunset. I find the trick is to take the photo while slightly facing toward the sun. You get all sorts of crazy reflections and beams that normal photography can't handle (at least not in my incapable hands anyway). I've recently posted a few more shots on my behance profile check them out and give them an appreciation if you dig them.