I thought it was about time that I posted some of my own work. This is something I'm going to try and do more often, but I've been thinking that since the beginning. This time for reals! These HDR shots were taken on a recent trip to Europe. The top shot is a sneaky little alleyway in Glasgow – after some great Indian curry, the middle shot I took in Lyon, France after to some cycle-exploring (and paying ridiculous amounts of money for the bikes due to language barriers) and the third shot is Hamburg Harbour in Germany. This was during a huge harbour festival, there was a great atmosphere. Hamburg is a wonderful city. I'm really enjoying taking HDR shots on sunset. I find the trick is to take the photo while slightly facing toward the sun. You get all sorts of crazy reflections and beams that normal photography can't handle (at least not in my incapable hands anyway). I've recently posted a few more shots on my behance profile check them out and give them an appreciation if you dig them.

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RuthiV said...

These are great Luke. I love seeing your work :)

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