I came across these shots by Madalin Gageanu and thought they captured a great mood, almost reminding me of nature documentaries I watched as a child. What really polished these shots off for me was Madalin's commentary, which really set the scene:
While traveling on the tube and reading a newspaper, I stumble upon an article about Richmond Park, where, apparently, there are supposed to be a lot of free-roaming deer. So, one fine saturday morning, I woke up at 5am, packed my photo-backpack and went to catch the sunrise, morning light and shoot me some deer. At first, the park is empty and frozen. There is a incredible stillness and silence as the fading night slowly gives in to the day. And suddenly, one by one, birds start to wake up and flutter their wings. Tiny rabbits emerge out of their holes and start running across the fields. Squirrels start climbing and running around in the trees. Unfortunately the light is to dim and the critters to fast to get decent pictures but the atmosphere is incredible. Then, slowly the sun rises above the horizon. You can see the dark outlines of the city skyline in the far distance against the blinding orange sunlight. Threading lightly the deer start to emerge, bathed in the warm morning light. I rather liked taking these photos, mostly because they are not easy to make. You can stalk them for hours and not get a single "worthy" photo. But when you do get it... It also makes you feel like sort of a predator, without having to kill anything. :)
For the whole set go here or to see more of Madalin's great photography go here.

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