A tidy piece of vectoring here by Kazu Livingstone. Check out more here.


I always got a bit freaked out during sci-fi films when some unfortunate soul was projected into space away from their space craft with nothing to control their trajectory, dependant on the life support offered by their space suit, usually only lasting several hours. I can't think of a more lonely way to die. Alone in the cold, black void of space – which I assume is what happened to this poor lad above (top). The second piece, I thought was just really cool. The minimal use of colour has resulted in a strong output and really unique use of lighting. Nice pieces here by Francisco Perez, check out more of goodness here.


I just stumbled across this piece by Kai Lim and had to post it for obvious reasons. Imagine an entire film or trilogy of Star Wars zombies! I have no idea how it would work, but I don't really care right now. Kai has some stunning work over at deviantart, check it here.


I present the newest member of the 8-bitty family, "From the 8-bit crypt". Shirts designs coming soon: The Polterghost, They got the Sarge, and the Zombtee Horde. For more 8-bitty go to the 8-bitty facebook page.


It's a skull floating in a universe of pink gelatinous jelly goo and party drugs (or head ache pills). I love it. Grapheart has plenty more art that is plenty cool and plenty excellent. GO.


I've seen a lot of abstract geometric shape compostions similar to these, although these are a lot more kick-ass than the others I've seen. I've even been delving a little into i myself. There's a strong astronomical vibe, it almost feels religious in some way too. Anyway I'm going to try and post more of these because I like them, if there's a particular name of this style someone please tell me, in the meantime I'm going to label this as astrogeometric. These are part of a series I found on Ryan's behance page. Check out the rest here.