Beto Janz makes great use of discarded objects by converting old skateboard decks into gnarly skulls. This was actually part of a clever marketing campaign:
In order to promote this new spot, designer Beto Janz customized used and broken decks, using the decks to produce skulls. Stickers with the brand and the address of the new stores were applied to them and they were left on streets nearby main skateboard places around Curitiba/Brasil - Therefore, anyone who finds them, gets them. An "underground" way of promoting the store.
I would love to get my hands on one of these skulls! Beto's website is worth a look too!


While I was living in Hamburg last year I'd go for daily walks where I'd explore the city and take photos (great fun). On one such outing I stumbled across a photoshoot with female models wearing make up similar to the photos above. It was in a quiet little street in a suburb near Altona. It was quite surprising and really made it a memorable walk – although up until seeing Pauline's photography above I'd somehow completely forgotten about it. I don't know why I didn't take a few sneaky snaps myself! Anyway, I spotted these awesome shots on behance today. I had to post them. Check out more of Pauline's photography here. The amazing make up was done by mademoisellemu.


I usually tend to favour slightly darker art but I just got completely sucked into the fun factor of this tee design by Krzysztof Nowak. If I was to choose an super-galatic-hi-top-fighter this would be among my first choices. Krzysztof has many more great designs here.


Some beautiful shadows and angles come together here in what could be mistaken as Darth Vader's weekend retreat. I would love to be able to photos like this. From what I can gather this was taken in Munich, an amazing city that I miss dearly! Check out more of Nick's work here.


It's been a while since I've posted anything remotely sexy or erotic, so here we go – an amazing and provocative photo here from Ana Dias. See the whole shoot here (NSFW).


The newest addition to the 8-Bitty family, Bitman. For all my other 8-bitty designs go here. For the updates and 8-bitty news go to the 8-bitty facebook page.


And now for a slight departure from retro futurism and back to zombies and skeletons. The colours, the style, the composition, the expression on that poor bastard's face, Brandon Heart has nailed it all in this epic illustration that I would happily wear on a shirt. Brandon has many more amazing pieces here.


Some amazing retro-futuristic art and type here by Sakke Soini. I can't work out what it is I love about this style of art (and music!). I do find it incredibly nostalgic, and quite epic. Check Sakke's website here for more amazing work!